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2019 Celebrate Fairfax! Festival Volunteers

June 07-09, 2019

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Our volunteers work all over the festival in various roles to help support the festival staff, leadership team supervisors, attendees and artists to ensure everyone has an amazing experience.  As a volunteer, you could be assisting with ticket sales, greeting attendees, checking in people at Party on the Patio, supervising lines at the Silent Disco and much more. You can select where and when you would like to volunteer!



Who can volunteer?
Anyone that is at least 13 years old or older! If you are turning 13 years old in this calendar year, we are able to make an exception so that you can volunteer. Unfortunately, we cannot allow anyone younger to volunteer. However, we will open our volunteer registration for Fall for Fairfax KidsFest sometime in the late-summer which allows volunteers to be at least 10 years old so check back on our website: www.fallforfairfax.com

What do I get as a volunteer?
Each volunteer will receive an admission ticket for the festival at the completion of their shift, a festival volunteer t-shirt, a snack/beverage coupon for each shift, an entry into the volunteer prize raffle and memories to last a lifetime!

Can I volunteer with a group?

Yes! If you have a group, organization or company that would like to volunteer together, please contact Anna Kaczmarczyk at volunteers@celebratefairfax.com  for more information.

Can I receive credit for volunteer/community service hours?
Yes!  If you need volunteer credits for school, an organization, etc., you can e-mail the volunteer hour form to Anna Kaczmarczyk or bring it with you when you volunteer.  If you need a letter verifying your volunteer hours, please e-mail volunteers@celebratefairfax.com after the event is over. Please remember the response time will be delayed since we will be cleaning up everything from the event.

Where can I find information on parking, maps, volunteer job descriptions, and other general volunteer questions?
If you scroll up the page it can be found above the Frequently Asked Questions with links to the information needed.

I have not received a confirmation packet or e-mail to confirm I am volunteering. What do I do?
Do not worry! You are automatically confirmed to volunteer once you registered.  If you register sometime between June 1 and June 7, your reminder e-mail will be delayed but you can view all the volunteer & event information you need in the links located above the Frequently Asked Questions.

I need to cancel or change my shift. Should I call or e-mail Ashley Morris or Anna Kaczmarczyk to make the adjustment to my schedule?
Nope, you do not need to inform us about your schedule change. You can log back into your account and make the change yourself.  Due to the high volume of calls and e-mails we receive as the event gets closer, we are unable to respond quickly to help make that adjustment.  We will be able to see the change online and if we notice a problem with your account then we will contact you. 

The weather forecast said there is a chance of rain during the festival. Should I still come?
YES, PLEASE! We are a rain or shine event so please dress accordingly. We hope that the weather will be beautiful all weekend but you just never know.  The event will stay open and operate as normal even if there’s some rain in the forecast. 

Do you provide a meal for volunteers that are working multiple shifts?
Unfortunately, we can not provide full meals for our volunteers. We do give each volunteer a snack/beverage coupon for each 3-4 hour shift.  The snack items consist of chips, granola bars, and cookies. If you think you will be hungry during your 3-4 hour shift, please eat before you arrive or grab something quick during your 15 minute break in one of our food courts.

Can I enter the event before my volunteer shift?
Our policy has always been that we cannot allow this (unfortunately), but we have made exceptions over the years.  This year, sadly, we have been forced to disallow this completely.  The reason is, and this may come as a surprise to you, but approximately 10-15% of the people who sign up to volunteer and check-in, fail to even make it to their volunteer locations.  These volunteers have abused our generosity and this has affected our ability to safely operate our event.  We have wanted to provide you, our volunteers, with this privilege, but cannot do so this year.  I would add that if you volunteer on the last shift on Friday or Saturday that you get a free ticket to come back on a later day as a guest.  For those who work on Sunday’s last shift, when we cannot provide a ticket to come back, we will enter your name twice in our volunteer prize raffle. Thank you for your understanding for why we must enforce this policy!